Daily Events


2022 Daily Events

Feast of Fantasy

A two hour comedy act featuring select entertainment, a six course meal, mug, and an experience you won’t forget! Price includes admission! Must be 17+, 21+ for Feature Feasts with valid ID.

Hosts: Jim Cunningham & Laszlo Nemesi 

Daily at: 11:00am, 2:00pm & 4:45pm – $85

Featured Feasts: Select Saturdays at 4:45pm – $105

Sunday XL Feasts: Select Sundays 2:00pm – $105 per person

HOUSE BAND • The Mourning Wood

Renaissance Romance

Enjoy a private one hour meal rendezvous in a unique garden setting with your loved one while sipping wine and nibbling on light snacks. Package includes a private server, a bottle of wine, a light snack and musical entertainment for one hour. Must be 21+ with a valid ID.

Note: Includes Festival Admission. 1 Package is good for 1 couple (2 people)

Daily at: 11:30am & 3:00pm – $90 per couple

Photo Credit: Nicholas J Narog Photography

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Pig ‘N’ Swig

Swig upon beer and sup upon tasty bacon each served with a garnish of great entertainment. Need we say more? Bring all your beer and bacon-loving friends! “I would give all my fame for a pot of ale.” Must be 21+ with valid ID.

Hosted by: Naughty Bawdy Brigade

Daily at: 3:00pm – $35  per person

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Pub Crawl

Follow our hosts on this popular beer tour across the realm. Drink thy beers, play good games, and keep your tankard! Tickets, like the beer, disappear fast! “We shall drink down all unkindness.” Must be 21+ with valid ID.

Hosted by: Lily and Willy the Pirate King and Queen

Daily at: 12:30pm & 4:00pm – $35  per person

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Last Call

As each festival day winds down, the comedic mayhem will just be getting started at the adults only Last Call. Good beer, good food, good fun! “Everybody has to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.” Must be 21+ with a valid ID. Note: Does not include Festival Admission

Hosted by: Fitz

Saturdays at: 5:30pm – $35  per person

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Much Ado About Mead

Be served flights of mead, whilst being challenged to keep your wits with a game of trivia. “Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more, men were deceivers ever!” Must be 21+ with valid ID.

Daily at: 4:00pm – $35  per person

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Kiddie Krawl

One of the Vikings has lost his shield, and a Fairy Princess wand has gone missing.  Join them on an adventure throughout the Festival realm and help them solve riddles and challenges to guide them to find their lost possessions.  Meet some of our noble and fantastical characters along the way, and enjoy a snack and refreshment at the end of your journey.

Ages: 4 – 9 years

Daily at: 12:00pm – $10  per person

Bloody Mary Bingo

England’s first female monarch was Mary Tudor, who reigned from 1553 to 1558, when she was succeeded by her half sister, Queen Elizabeth I, who reigned for 45 years through the Elizabethan and Shakespearean era.  As queen, Mary ordered the execution of nearly 300 people for heresy, earning her the nick-name Bloody Mary.

Our Festival celebrates this notorious queen by holding a Sunday morning Bingo Tournament at which her signature cocktail is featured – the Bloody Mary! Prizes awarded for all the bingo winners.  A great way to start your Festival day! 

Hosted By: Fitz and Jane the Misfortune Teller

Sundays: 10:00am

A Wake and O’Wine 

We are gathering at the Celtic Cottage for Old Uncle Fergus O’Hara’s wake.  Although Uncle Fergus hasn’t actually passed over to the other side quite yet, despite his protestations from upstairs, we’ve decided to celebrate his life and imminent passing with Irish tales and songs.

Come and join us for A Wake and O’Wine at the Celtic Cottage. Sample four wine varieties from Menage a Trois wines and some family style snacks as we celebrate the life of Old Uncle Fergus. 

Daily: 1:30pm

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