Fairy Wing Forest

Once you enter into the wooded and mystical glade of Fairy Wing Forest, the realm of the fairies who dwell there will draw you further into a world of magical characters, surprising creatures, dance, song, and mystery. The fairy queen awaits you in her entrancing and immersive land.






Irish Cottage

Welcome to Ballina, the Irish Cottage! Come visit the O’Brennan family and friends as we celebrate the harvest festival. Enjoy traditional Irish music, storytelling, and shenanigans at the oldest living history setting within our faire village.


Photo Credit: Megan Noel Johnson

Mermaid Cove

Captain Fairweather and his crew have returned from the high seas to bring you creatures of myth and legend — mermaids. Now you can find them in MRF’s mermaid cove, a flowing landscape filled with these playful, inquisitive, and magical visitors.







Throne of Swords

You are invited to sit upon the Throne of Swords at the Embassy of Arden, where the many tales of William R.R. Shakespeare are blended into a saga of ice, politics, and dragonfire! This free photographic opportunity is fun for the entire family!

Viking Encampment

The Vikings have set up their encampment within the village. This family-friendly living history group allows you to explore the rich Scandinavian history of the Vikings. In their encampment you can learn about their lives through Norse sagas and songs, fine craftsmanship and trading, fun games, and cultural weapons demonstrations.  Join the encampment and find your inner Viking. Skol!



Sherwood Forest

More information coming soon!


Palace Gardens

More information coming soon!