Specialty Groups

Fairy Wing Forest

Once you enter into the wooded and mystical glade of Fairy Wing Forest, the realm of the fairies who dwell there will draw you further into a world of magical characters, surprising creatures, dance, song, and mystery. The fairy queen awaits you in her entrancing and immersive land.

Herpetological Society

The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization open to anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles.

The purpose of the MHS is to:

· Further the education of the membership and the general public in the care and captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians.
· Educate the members and the general public on the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians.
· Promote the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

Como Cottage was originally built by Como Zoo to educate people about animals while stepping back into the 16th century during the seven weekends of the fall Renaissance Festival. In 1997, MHS took sole responsibility for the cottage after years of sharing with Como Docents. The volunteers dress in period costumes. If costumes are needed, MHS maintains a large wardrobe of renaissance clothing. After working a portion of the day for MHS, volunteers are free to experience the sights and sounds of the realm. This is a very fun and popular event.


Irish Cottage

Welcome to Ballina, the Irish Cottage! Come visit the O’Brennan family and friends as we celebrate the harvest festival. Enjoy traditional Irish music, storytelling, and shenanigans at the oldest living history setting within our faire village.


Photo Credit: Megan Noel Johnson


Watch the live jousting everyday at the Festival. Cheer for your favorite knight and revel in the excitement!

Held Daily at 11:00am, 1:00pm & 4:00pm

Mermaid Cove

Captain Fairweather and his crew have returned from the high seas to bring you creatures of myth and legend — mermaids. Now you can find them in MRF’s mermaid cove, a flowing landscape filled with these playful, inquisitive, and magical visitors.

Morris Dancers

Minnesota Traditional Morris is a men’s English folk dance team dancing a style of Morris, originating in the Cotswold Hills of central England— hence the style is known as Cotswold Morris. Morris dances are performed by from 1 to 8 team members dancing to music provided by violin, melodeon, pipe & tabor, even the voices of the dancers themselves. It is exuberant, boisterous, and vital fun!

Founded in the autumn of 1974 MTM was shooting the curl of the 70’s folk awareness wave. The team immediately began developing dance traditions and what easier way than to steal them from the guys who’d been doing them for centuries. Which is what everybody was doing in those days with the help of the dedicated founder of the Winchester Morris Men, Lionel Bacon, who traveled the Cotswold’s in the mid-Twentieth Century and documented as many of the local styles as he could. In part, it’s thanks to Sir Lionel that the Morris style of traditional folkdance is alive and living in the America’s today.


The Knights of the Order of the Acorn

The Gallant Men and Women of the Knightly Order of the Acorn. They gather from across the land to join in on the festival and tournament. Often found outside of the joust, spreading merriment telling stories and tales of glory. Teaching young soon to be knights the value of honesty and courage, while passing on the knightly code.

Puppet Troupe

The Puppet Troupe has been running amok throughout the lanes of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 1986. Consisting of King Bubba, Queen Bea, Sparkles the Wizard, Shirley the Jester, Willy the Pirate, and Good Knight, the members of the puppet troupe are head and shoulders above the rest of the village’s citizens- literally. If you see them about (and believe me, they are hard to miss) they love to pose for portraits, crack jokes, and swap stories with all tiny visitors to the kingdom.

Photo credit: Joel Brueske Photography


Riddle Masters

The Riddle Masters of Hollow Hill have been baffling brains for over a quarter of a century. Test your wits with tongue-twisting riddles from the troll, the green woman, the druid, the woodland fairy, or our wise wizard!


Royal Scottish Dancers

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society – Twin Cities (Minnesota) Branch is a non-profit organization of individuals interested in learning and participating in the art of Scottish country dancing. You Don’t Have to Be Scottish! We are teens and adults of all ages and ethnicities who enjoy music, dancing, and good company. No prior dance experience is necessary to get started and partners are not required. The group holds regular weekly classes, socials dances, and mini-workshops in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota (USA). Our major annual events are our beginner-friendly Fàilte Ball and our Grand Ball. Members of the group also do performances and demonstrations.
The Twin Cities Branch was established in 1975 as a local branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Society was founded in 1923 and now has over 25,000 members in 170 branches around the world.



Terpsichory can be found all over site, teaching and performing a variety of Italian, English Country, Irish Ceili and French Renaissance dances. Now, you can find them running the maypole dances four times daily!


Throne of Swords

You are invited to sit upon the Throne of Swords at the Embassy of Arden, where the many tales of William R.R. Shakespeare are blended into a saga of ice, politics, and dragonfire! This free photographic opportunity is fun for the entire family!

Viking Encampment

The Vikings have set up their encampment within the village. This family-friendly living history group allows you to explore the rich Scandinavian history of the Vikings. In their encampment you can learn about their lives through Norse sagas and songs, fine craftsmanship and trading, fun games, and cultural weapons demonstrations.  Join the encampment and find your inner Viking. Skol!