Family Friendly

FREE Family Friendly Activities

Fairy Wing Forest

Venture into the shaded garden that has been transformed and filled with fairies, pixies, nymphs, and other magical creatures that now call the forest their home.

Mermaid Cove

Watch as they dive, flip, and twirl majestically in the water! If you’re lucky, they may share a token of their magic with you.

Dr. Thora Pandora’s Chemistry Experience

Come experience the fun-filled magic of science and physics! Your children will love the smoke bubbles, Newtonian beads, elephant toothpaste, and rainbow creations.

Children’s Costume Contest

Lads and lassies can compete in a Renaissance Costume Contest. Children 12 & under are welcome to participate in this fun daily event for prizes!

Grand March Parade

Watch the Royal Court and other Festival Entertainers joyously greet all Festival Goers in this daily parade at 11:30am!

Children’s Knighting Ceremony

Children can receive the highest badge of honor by being knighted by the King and his Royal Court! Held daily at 3:30pm on the King’s Arbor Stage.

FREE Fairy Wand Making

Follow the trail of pixie dust to the Children’s Realm so your child can make a magical Fairy Wand with fairy friends!

Irish Cottage

Cooking demos, stories, and music from 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Herpetological Petting Zoo

Slither your way through the reptile petting zoo where you can find turtles, snakes, alligators and more!

FREE Pirate Hat Making

All swashbuckling children are welcome to make pirate hats in our Children’s Realm throughout the day!


Watch live armored jousting every day at 11:00am, 1:00pm and 4:00pm on the Joust Track!


Maypole dancing is a form of folk dance from Germany, England and Sweden. Come relive the traditional ribbon dance celebrating the seasons!

Throne of Swords

Experience the infamous, ominous Throne of Swords! Be wary of the One Eyed ravens…


Scavenger Hunt

Find all of the mystical characters and turn your completed scavenger hunt card in for a prize!

Meet the King & Queen

Relive history and meet King Henry and Queen Elizabeth at the Festival!

Meet the Princess Court

Come meet the beautifully poised young ladies of the princess court! You can even have lunch with them and learn princess etiquette!

Juggling School

Learn how to be a juggling master at the Juggling School!

Pansy the Unicorn

Our beloved mascot, Pansy is always ready to play. Catch her exploring the realm, entertaining, dancing, prancing, hugging and charming the crowd!

Petting Zoo

Meet many new animal friends such as sheep, rabbits, chicken and so much more!

Wishing Well

Drop a coin and make your dreams come true! We are proud partners with the Angel Foundation to support families with cancer.

Viking Encampment

Explore the rich Scandinavian history of the Vikings. Learn about their lives through Norse sagas, songs, games, and weapons demos to find your inner Viking. Skol!

Check out our Games and Rides page to see all of the Family Friendly options!


Danger Committee

The Danger Committee is an incredible combination of juggling, knife throwing, spine-tingling thrills and hilarious comedy. Check them out on the Bakery Stage!

Tuey the Juggler

Tuey performs stunts based on the classic skills of his craft, such as juggling, tight rope walking, and more!

Robin Hood

A show for the bold…or at least they think so! Watch the antics of our favorite outlaw, Robin Hood, and his friends, Little John, Maid Marion and more!

Will Bradshaw

William Bradshaw is a national award winning magician! Funny, weird and just plain amazing, his show on the Grove Stage is a must see at the festival.