New in 2017

Magic the Live Unicorn

Come be friends with our mystical unicorn, Magic! Keep your eyes peeled to spot our magical pal wandering through the festival bringing joy to all. Magic loves meeting people and posing for photo ops so don’t be afraid to go up and say hello.

Wizard’s Flight School Zip Line

Merlin’s Mystical Quest

Years ago in the Realm, magic was everywhere. Fairies flying, wizard’s casting spells, and mystical creatures playing all over the Realm. However, those days have long since past and the magic has been lost from the Kingdom. But, there is hope! The King has called upon the brave to journey on Merlin’s Mystical Quest  to restore all that has been lost. Discover the festival through new eyes as you join in our interactive quest to return magic to the Kingdom. You will follow clues, solve puzzles and engage with all sorts of mystical folks as you complete each task. Start at the information both right inside King’s Gate and receive your first mission on Merlin’s Mystical Quest.

Throne of Swords Tavern

Cock-a-Doodle Zoo