August 30th, 31st & September 1st, 2014

Time Shepherd's Green Pavilion Bad Manor Green
10:30     Belly Dance Lessons
11:00 Kid's Fairy Costume Contest    
11:30 Fairy Garden Seminar    
12:00 Kaishin Dojo - Japanese Sword Demo John Khoury's Arabic Ensemble Belly Dancing  
12:30     Belly Dance Lessons
1:00 Woodchuck Hard Cider Tasting Begins    
1:30 Adult Fairy Costume Contest John Khoury's Arabic Ensemble Belly Dancing  
2:00 Fairy Garden Seminar    
2:30     Belly Dance Lessons
3:00 Kaishin Dojo - Japanese Sword Demo    
3:30   John Khoury's Arabic Ensemble Belly Dancing  
4:30 Kaishin Dojo - Japanese Sword Demo John Khoury's Arabic Ensemble Belly Dancing  
5:00   Belly Dance Competiiton  

Educate yourself at the taste of culture, featuring restaurants, businesses and organizations representing the Middle-Eastern and Asian cultures.

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Belly Dance Performances

Middle Eastern Music

John Khoury’s Arabic Ensemble will be performing all day on the Pavilion Stage.

Fairy Festival

Check out the fairy themed houses in the competition and visit our fairy vendors nearby! We will be featuring vendors selling fairy houses, birdhouses, lawn and garden ornaments and items to enhance your fairy garden or house. If you would like to be a vendor, fill out the Fairy Festival form.

2014 Fairy Festival Vendor Form

Fairy Festival Vendors:

Doo’s Wingalings and Things

Fairy House Competition

All patrons big and small are invited to make your own unique fairy house and share it during our Silk Road Weekend on August 30, 31 & September 1. Cost is $20 for each fairy house submitted which includes a free admission ticket! The fairy houses and gardens will be judged and the top 3 winners will receive great prizes!

Register Online
Competition Registration Form
Print off the Registeration Form and Mail it In

Sponsored by:

For more information check out our Fairy House Competition Page!

Click Here to check out the 2014 Fairy House Winners!

Kaishin Dojo Demonstrations

Located in Shepard's Green

The Kaishin dojo is a school that it focused on the functional art of kenjutsu, Japanese swordsmanship.
The Japanese sword art taught at the Kaishin Dojo is called Kaishin Ryu. Kaishin is a Japanese word that means “open spirit” and it is a term that sets the tone for the study of the sword arts in functional terms. The Japanese sword arts are often so cloaked in cultural ornament that the serious would be student of these arts are confronted with training choices that offer only rote and recitation of empty form. Cultivation of this type of martial arts have no tactical relevancy or technical basis of training beyond use within a specific style. Kaishin ryu kenjutusu is different. Kaishin is a derivative of Shinkage Ryu founded by Kamizumi Nobutsuna around 1560 A.D. And is very much a living art that strives to give the student real martial ability with the sword. It is the over arching philosophy of our dojo that sound, effective martial arts training from a results oriented perspective provides the student with the mental and spiritual forging that original martial arts provided so long ago.

Fairy Wand & Pirate Hat Making

Held all day in the Special Events Field!

Kids Costume Parade

Meet at 1:30 by the Front Gate to take part in our Kid's Costume Parade. Fairy characters, Royal Court members and other will lead us on a parade!

Middle Eastern Belly Dance Competition

Come compete in the Minnesota State Belly Dance Competition on The Pavilion Stage at 5:00pm for your chance to win the title of Minnesota’s best belly dancer and gift certificates from Dahlal’s Internationale.  All ages encouraged to participate.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the Competition to participate!

(These age groups will be called up on stage to participate)
Junior (Under 16 Years)
Adult (16 Years and Over)
Adult +(39 Years and Over)

Pre-Register by August 22nd to receive one FREE admission ticket! Registrations will be accepted the day of competition but will not be eligible for the free admission ticket.

Click here for the registration form!

Belly Dance Lessons

Learn to shake it like a gypsy with FREE lessons by John Khoury’s Arabic Ensemble. Held at Bad Manor Green all weekend.

Magic the Gathering

Labor Day Only – Monday, September 1st
10:00am and 2:30pm

Join fellow gamers on Labor Day for new Magic the Gathering Tournaments at the Renaissance Festival! For $25, all participants will receive three M14 booster packs to play in the booster draft, free Festival admission, and the top finishers will receive prizes!
*10:00am and 2:30pm tournaments will have separate winners and prizes. Participants may only register for one tournament.

For more information see the Tournament Rules

Buy Tickets and Pre-Register Here!
Purchasing your ticket automatically registers you for the tournament you select.

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Weekends Promotions:

Military & Public Service Weekend

Receive one FREE Adult Admission with the purchase of an Adult Admission Ticket.
Must show valid Military ID, Badge, Employee ID or paperwork to receive the discount.

Food Drive

August 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31 & September 1, 2014
Donate 5 cans of food and receive $5 off an Adult Admission Ticket!

Artisan Appreciation Weekend

The first three weekends (Aug. 16, 17, 23, 24, 30, 31, & September 1) of the Festival, our patrons will be able to support their favorite Shoppes' and get rewarded! Turn in your receipts totaling $250 at the Info Booth before 7:00pm and receive one free admission ticket to return on any of the remaining weekends!

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Weekend Vendors:

D's Hooked on Fairies
1274 Periwinkle Lane
Masked Fairy
Split Personality Designs
Maple House Arts
Dragonrose Designs
Sunshine Consulting
Whimsey in a Basket
Doo's Wingalings
Artemis Alley/ Amber Moon
Troy Skog
Mermaid's Treasures
Mythical Creations
Burton Art Studioes
Alur Borboleta
R.M.D. Creations

Weekends Sponsors:

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Fairy House Competition Registration Form
Fairy House Competition
Fairy Festival Vendor Form
Belly Dance Form
Magic the Gathering Tournament Rules
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