Specialty Groups


Herpetological Society

The Minnesota Herpetological Society (MHS) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization open to anyone with an interest in amphibians and reptiles.

The purpose of the MHS is to:

· Further the education of the membership and the general public in the care and captive propagation of reptiles and amphibians.
· Educate the members and the general public on the ecological role of reptiles and amphibians.
· Promote the study and conservation of reptiles and amphibians.

Como Cottage was originally built by Como Zoo to educate people about animals while stepping back into the 16th century during the seven weekends of the fall Renaissance Festival. In 1997, MHS took sole responsibility for the cottage after years of sharing with Como Docents. The volunteers dress in period costumes. If costumes are needed, MHS maintains a large wardrobe of renaissance clothing. After working a portion of the day for MHS, volunteers are free to experience the sights and sounds of the realm. This is a very fun and popular event.


Puppet Troupe

The Puppet Troupe has been running amok throughout the lanes of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 1986. Consisting of King Bubba, Queen Bea, Sparkles the Wizard, Shirley the Jester, Willy the Pirate, and Good Knight, the members of the puppet troupe are head and shoulders above the rest of the village’s citizens- literally. If you see them about (and believe me, they are hard to miss) they love to pose for portraits, crack jokes, and swap stories with all tiny visitors to the kingdom.

Photo credit: Joel Brueske Photography


Riddle Masters

The Riddle Masters of Hollow Hill have been baffling brains for over a quarter of a century. Test your wits with tongue-twisting riddles from the troll, the green woman, the druid, the woodland fairy, or our wise wizard!



Terpsichory can be found all over site, teaching and performing a variety of Italian, English Country, Irish Ceili and French Renaissance dances. Now, you can find them running the maypole dances four times daily!



The IArroganti Commedia Troupe is a raucous, ridiculous, rollicking band of stage actors. They employ improvisational storytelling, slapstick violence, and overly-large sets of fake bosoms to entertain at the MN Renaissance Festival.


High Court

This group of stilt walkers excel at performing the traditional arts of high fives and posing for photos. They roam the lanes of the Festival and can be found dancing with the Terpsichory Folk Dance, fencing the champions of the fencing booth, or otherwise making merry mischief. On occasion, they have been known to moonlight as Nordic Ice Giants and raid the Viking encampment. If you see them, give a high five and snap a photo.


Royal Guard

The Royal Guard was established in the late 1980s and has been performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival ever since, where they have entertained thousands of patrons. For more than 20 years the Men in Red have been seen escorting the King & Queen, eating, gambling & fighting at their camp, roving the streets, and playing with artillery at the Front Gate.

They are a fully costumed 16th Century squad of Royal Guards that are always ready to entertain and educate school age children of all ages. In addition to the red and black uniforms, each of the guards carries various weapons that are historically accurate and theatrical pieces.

The Royal Guard also travels regionally to other historical and Renaissance shows, where they not only perform, but also participate in education days and historical demonstrations. A few of their educational demonstrations include topics such as the Historical Weapons & Armor, Knights & Dragons, and of course the History of the Royal Guard. They have also created specially tailored demonstrations based on the needs and age group of its spectators.

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Royal Court

Make way for the king! Our magnanimous and majestic rulers can be found all about our site, greeting subjects and visiting the edges of their realm.

Princess Court

Join us in the Palace Garden 3-times daily for our Song & Story Adventures! Sing along with the Prince & Princesses and listen to stories of Fairies, Knights & Dragons. Enjoyable for all ages.

Children’s Costume Contest – 10 am at The Palace Garden