Street Acts

The Royal Navy

Ahhh the High Seas. A life of adventure, blah, blah, blah… So you might ask, what is a group of fun-loving sailors doing so far inland? Well, let’s see… the Captain cannot swim, and even though he owns the ship, he doesn’t know the first thing about sailing. The list goes on from there.

But, they DO know their way around the village quite well, and they like to be wherever His Majesty, The King might be. After all, they love a good party! And, they haven’t been paid in quite some time. It doesn’t hurt to follow the money, right? Come celebrate with The Royal Navy as they navigate the lanes, ensuring the village stays in ship-shape. And join them in loudly proclaiming their age-old mantra, “A DRY Navy… is a SAFE Navy!”

The Royal Navy has been on the streets of this village since 2002! Dan is a founding member of this crew, Joel has been around for most of those years, and Rick came aboard in 2017, after wearing many different hats over the years. Combined, the three of them have over 70 years of experience as entertainers and participants at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Dan & Joel both have a history of stage combat and sword fighting, and for a time played in an 80’s cover band together. Rick’s resumé includes professional vocal performance, voice acting, and improv.

Photo credit: Nicholas Narog

Meet Fiona!

Having lived in the village all her life, Fiona knows the lanes better than she knows long division. She may not be the most eloquent lass on the loch, but she is streetwise (which means she knows what street she lives on). Fiona enjoys singing, bees, sitting on a nice rock, and attention.

Fiona and her best pals in The Royal Navy are your hosts of the “Much Ado About Mead Show.” Join them and the incredibly talented The Inland Seas for four pours of J Bird Winery’s most delicious meads, bar trivia, music, and togetherness! The show starts at 4:00pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at Banner Oak Inn on the MN Renaissance Festival grounds.

Photo credit: Nicholas Narog

Jane the Misfortune Teller

Visiting the village from afar, Jane is here to delight the crowds with humor and mysticism.

Photo credit: Nicholas Narog


The Concierge is quite familiar with what our festival has to offer and will gladly help you. He spends his mornings at his stand inside the front gate recommending shows to those who visit the village and especially likes to point out entertainment for children or discuss the newest things to do and see. He also has a brief “Welcome to the Village” song which he will (sigh) “gladly” sing for you. All you have to do is ask! (It’s rumored he can sing it in several languages!) Later in the day, he enjoys saying farewell at the gate as visitors take their leave. The Concierge will always wish you a splendid day and hopes you come back to visit again soon.


Not for the mild-mannered, faint of heart, or otherwise civil, Fitz the Toad, prisoner of the realm, is here because he has to be. And he will complain, loudly and offensively.

Lily and Willy the Pirate King and Queen

Lily and Willy the Pirate King and Queen are the Official hosts of the Festival’s Pub Crawls, along with being the official openers of the Queen’s Gate Entrance to the Festival and of course the  “unofficial” guardians of his majesty’s borders.  Traveling the seas and land as King and Queen of the Pirates requires cunning, intelligence and of course looking good! Lily and Willy proudly greet and start each day off right as patrons enter the realm from the back gates. Whether hosting a Pub Crawl, inside the gates, greeting people as they enter, or wishing Patrons a very fond farewell, the Pirate King and Queen work hard to make each day memorable. Making a memory for all patrons is the greatest gift of all!

Sir Tedward & Wort

A horseless knight who is both brave and silent, Sir Tedward is aided by a mostly adequate squire, Wort. The duo is at your service, no quest is too small for their ability (but it may be too large). Children of the realm may challenge Sir Tedward to an honorable duel and receive the best high fives in the kingdom.

Paxton Thordyke, III – “Peddler”

Paxton (if that is his real name. We are not quite sure.) hails from somewhere in the North of England, though he won’t tell us exactly where. He travels the countryside selling his wares, pawnbroking, and money laundering. He is a collector of odd and unusual items, such as (his present favorite) a ‘Pocket Stonehenge”. Find him at the festival for all your financial needs. If the Sheriff is nearby, look for him elsewhere. Paxton is easy to remember. Just recall the phrase: “Paxton packs a ton.”

Eric Clark has been a street performer at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since 1996. He began as one half of the street duo “Wilsome and the Captain” with Dan Hasselius. In 2004 he became “Lord Panzi”, a man afraid of everything. In 2012 Eric switched once again, taking on the persona of Paxton. This is his favorite character so far, as it provides for a wealth (no pun intended) of opportunities for interaction with guests. Eric says that festival changed his life (for the better), and has no plans to leave anytime soon.

Rosie Krantz & Guildenstern: Hangin’ with the Bard

Think you don’t know much about Shakespeare? Rosie Krantz and Guildenstern just may surprise you on how much you really know about the Bard Of Avon. Using the game of hangman we all played as children, Rosie and Guil reveal common phrases that we still use today that originated within the lines of some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Are you saying, “Out of the question. I’d look like a laughing stock. It’s all Greek to me!”? If you are, then you are speaking Shakespeare! So come one come all to this free, family game and discover how much Shakespeare you already knew. Hangin’ With The Bard is located next to the King’s Arbor just across the road from the Bakery Stage. Come and hang with us at The Gallows!

Debbie Robie and Jim Stone have been Street Entertainers at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for over twenty years. Although they have performed at other festivals and theaters and in many different guises, MRF is where they call home and Rosie and Guil their favorite characters because it allows them to share their passion for Shakespeare with others. When not performing, Debbie is a teacher with a Master’s degree in English, while Jim is still mastering English in degrees.

Missy “Mother Nature” Iverson

Have you ever touched a hummingbird’s beak? Held a bobcat skull in your hand? Petted a strip of bear’s fur? Glimpsed the sky through a cicada’s wing? Mother Nature has all these specimens and more available for you to experience! Whether wandering the grounds or set up at her table, she cannot help but engage with others about the exciting natural world we live in. Fascinating facts and touch-and-see specimens bring our natural world to the palm of your hand.

Melissa Iverson has studied the natural history of our world since early childhood (with two parents who are field biologists, it came “naturally” to her), and formally received her B.S. degree in these studies from the University of Minnesota. She brings her educational specimens to libraries, Scout troops, renaissance festivals, rendezvous reenactments, and more; teaching others of the wonders of our natural world. Melissa holds all applicable federal and state permits for her specimens.

Photo Credit: Cliff Iverson

The Squires Wort & Gort

Noah Black

Marishka & Lili

Jib the Sailor


Sir William Distiller

Nicholas the Town Crier


Howard the Privy Fowl


Ruska & Arden

Neala the Bard

Lord Bacon



Pietro the Poet

Matthias the Piper

Kenna the Keysmith

Geoffrey Trapper

3 Musketeers