Games & Rides

Take a Ride!

Elephant Rides • Shepherd’s Green
Camel Rides • Shepherd’s Green
Llama Rides • Shepherd’s Green
Swing Ride • Marketplace
Sliding Joust • Marketplace
Pony Rides • Marketplace
Pirate Ship Ride • Marketplace
Piccolo Pony • Narrows Market
Swan Swing • Cartwheel Cove
Bungee Tramp
Dilly Dally • Narrows Market

Get Active!

Archery • Marketplace
Battle Axe • Narrows Market
Bow Blast • Shepherd’s Green
Castle Catapult • Marketplace
Checkers • Upson Downs
Chess • Oven Hill Market
Chess Werks • Upson Downs
Children’s Games • Marketplace
Children’s Trilogy • Marketplace
Climbing Wall • Marketplace
Douse Well • Marketplace
Dueling Buckets • Marketplace
Fencing • Marketplace
Herpetological Society • Upson Downs
Jacob’s Ladder 1 • Upson Downs
Jacob’s Ladder 2 • Oven Hill Market
King’s Dungeon • Shepherd’s Green
Kings of the Log • Shepherd’s Green
Kings Stock • Cartwheel Cove
Knife Booth • Oven Hill Market
Petting Zoo • Shepherd’s Green
Vegetable Justice • Marketplace
Catapulting Frogs • Narrows Market
Axe Throw • Marketplace
Crossbows • Marketplace
Master Gamer • Marketplace
Pirate Darts • Upson Downs
Queen Darts • Cartwheel Cove
Royal Shaft • Marketplace
Star Throw • Marketplace
Knife Throw • Marketplace
Hi Striker • Marketplace
Maze • Marketplace

Test your Skill!

High Striker
Star Throw
Knife Throw 
Axe Throw
Master Gamer
Shovel Toss
Royal Shaft
Catapulting Frogs
Pirate Darts
Queen Darts
Vegetable Justice
Bo Blast
Battle Axe
Spear Throw
Rockwall Climb
Escape Room

Fun Activities!

Wax Hands • Narrows Market & 
Sheep Herding •  Shepard’s Green
Irish Cottage • Shepard’s Green
Petting Zoo •  Shepard’s Green
Secret Garden • Cartwheel Cove
Fairy Wing Forest • Cartwheel Cove
Mermaid Cove • Treetop Round
Face Painting
Hair Braiding
Jousting • Marketplace

* Not all games and rides are included in the Festival Admission ticket price.