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Artisan Appreciation – Doo’s Wingalings

Dorianne Darchow or “Doo the Wingaling Fairy” has been making her one of a kind costume wings for almost 10 years. Doo specializes in handmade costume wings in many colors, sizes, and styles including, fairy, pixie, leaf, dragon, raven, and Pegasus. Doo and her husband, Tato, also create original crocheted and knitted hats, arm-warmers and wire elf ear cuffs.

Each pair of wings is made from scratch, by hand, by Doo, with the help of her fairy family, so each and every pair is one of a kind. The process takes a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and design of the wings.

One of Doo’s favorite projects is creating custom wings to match patrons’ festival attire. She explains, “I love making custom wings for fae people of all types. It is so fun to work with the individual to match their favorite colors and personal style. I made a giant, 6 winged pair of leaves wings with antennae for a fairy friend from the Door County Renaissance Faire. They are yellows and dark purple with red spots. They were very fun to make!”wings

When asked why she enjoys working for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Doo says, “The Festival is such an amazing and unique community of amazing, unique, talented people. I love being a part of our village. I have loved these types of fairs from a young age and I am so lucky to be a part of something so special.”

Doo is very excited about her future with the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and plans to be there for many years to come!

Stop by and visit her shop, Doo’s Wingalings, to say hi and flight test some of her wonderful wings! Happy Fluttering!

Feel free to visit her Facebook page and online shop as well!