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Cast Bio – Court Revelers

Bringing the experience of the Renaissance alive with great voices and great characters, The Court Revelers serenade the Royal Court and all visitors to the Realm from the stage and in the streets. A repertoire of over 100 madrigal pieces, drinking songs, sea shanties, and carols ensures a lively musical presentation full of wonderful harmonies and reverie. As they work their way through the 15th, 16th and early 17th centuries of music, keep your ears open for 9 different languages or a modern tune in a Renaissance arrangement!

The Court Revelers were established by three alumni of The Revelers (a performing ensemble at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival) in 2003 to continue the legacy of performance excellence and musical fun.

Official opening act of every Feast of Fantasy within the Realm, the Court Revelers have six regularly scheduled performances from the front gate to the Arbor Stage to the Queen’s Pub. The group can also be found providing music at Festival events, such as The Garter Ceremony, The Royal Recognition of Artisans and Performers as well as special events such as the Coronation of King Henry and the Royal Wedding.

Their performances are not just about the music but also about characterization and the kinds of interactions one might expect between a group of people at that time. Each choir member has a character story so they know their place in the group, why they are at the festival, the kinds of things they would have been taught to sing and play.  Their experience is to show how music was made at that time both formally and informally.

Since 2004, The Court Revelers realized a long held dream and recorded 3 CDs of their favorite songs, “A Few of My Close, Personal Friends” (2004) “The Limerick Lounge” (2006) and “Seraph Quire Singeth” (2009).

The Court Revelers’ favorite composers are Orlando di Lasso, John Dowling, and The Beatles. Some of their members are talented composers, lyricists, and arrangers who have also contributed to their repertoire. The Court Revelers sing original songs by Dana Baird and Nan Miller. Karen Huse has provided lyrics and translations for several pieces, and most group members regularly contribute original verses to bring new life to old songs (see CD credits for more information).

Listen to the Court Revelers during your Minnesota Renaissance Festival visit to be pleasantly placed back in time! Their Facebook and website links are below.