Minnesota Renaissance Festival Blog

Cast Bio – Kindred

Kindred (known as Singleton Street outside the Festival) was formed in 1993 at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where band members played together for the first time in a professional setting.

All of the band members share a connection to Celtic heritage and a love for the sounds of their common ancestry.

After a decade hiatus from music and merrymaking, Kindred returned to the Festival with harmonious original songs guaranteed to whisk your mind away to the isle. Their motto is life is short and you have to make time for the things you love!

Sherri Leyda:  Vocals, Guitar, Pennywhistle, Bodhran

Chuck Leyda: Octave Mandolin, Mandolin, Guitar, Vocals

Jimmy Newkirk:  Upright Bass, Vocals

Kindred would describe their style as a mix between Irish pub music and traditional Celtic tunes. They enjoy throwing jigs and reels into songs and arranging upbeat music and revel tunes. The band’s style changes on different days because they like to be flexible in performances.

Depending on the setting, Kindred will play what they feel is right and fits well with the audience. Band members feel that it’s important to relate to the crowd and often tell engaging stories about their songs and heritage.

Kindred enjoys playing on Folkstone Well Stage because it is built for music and has wonderful acoustics.