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Cast Bio – Robin Hood and the Merry Men

Robin Hood and the Merry Men is a rousing comedy show laced with combat and life lessons! Since 2009, this revived Festival staple has set out to enthrall children and adults of all ages. Watch as Little John and Much the Miller meet the duo of Robin Hood and Maiden Marion. Based on the traditional story of the Quarterstaff Fight, their shows always end in a big splash!

The show originally featured Robin Hood, Little John and Friar Tuck showing off weapons with slapstick humor. The actors wanted to keep improving and changing their act, so they took the traditional origin stories of these characters and discussed what truly makes a “merry man”. Most of their ideas centered around strength, bravery and integrity.

After a couple of different scripts, they added Much the Miller and Maiden Marion to give the story more depth. The performers still enjoy updating the show, so they get together before the Festival season to brainstorm new ideas and lines. They like to say the the skeleton of the show remains the same, but the meat on it changes.

One of the features that makes Robin Hood and the Merry Men so fun to watch is its incorporation of water. This has been a long tradition at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, even when the show was performed by different entertainers. Little John’s favorite part of the show is when he emerges from the pool and can see all the kids’ expressions of trying to avoid getting hit by the water.

You can find the Merry Men making their way around the grounds before and between their shows on the Gypsy Stage, or outside of King’s Gate to send patrons gallantly off to their next adventure.

Join the infamous Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men for a rousing adventure filled with comedy, combat and characters!

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