Minnesota Renaissance Festival Blog

Date Day at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is an excellent venue for any couple who wants a day filled with romance, entertainment, and delicious food! This blog will go over some of the activities that are particularly fun for couples to experience together.

The Renaissance Romance Package is the ultimate way to court your beloved! For $70, you two will enjoy a private one hour rendezvous (either at 11:30 am or 3:00 pm) in a unique garden setting, while sipping wine and nibbling on light snacks. This package includes two admission tickets into the festival, a private server, a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, a light snack and musical entertainment for one hour. Must be 21+ with valid ID.

Watch the Black Isle Belly Dancers shimmy, twist, and shake as they show off their disciplined dance moves on the Gypsy Stage! Incorporating elements from both folkloric and classical dance styles, the dance troupe uses “tribal fusion” as a modern form of belly dance. This is a sexy and fun performance to watch with your sweetheart!


Toil & Tumble sure do know how to use body language! Apple and Bijou; the dynamic, gravity-defying duo of Toil andTumble use acrobatics to astound and amaze their audience! ‘Ooo’ at bodies balanced with precision, ‘Aah’ at feats of strength and daring and laugh at everything else. This act is great for couples to watch and enjoy together!

Craving a bit of privacy with your beloved? Check out the Secret Garden in Cartwheel Cove where you can gaze into each others eyes and woo one another in a quieter setting than most areas at the Festival.

The Tortuga Twins are a really fun act to watch with your fun-loving significant other because they use improvisation to tell comedic stories that usually involve audience members. Outrageously unpredictable and unstoppably hilarious, these three “twins” present a variety of audience-interactive tales! Couples who love laughing together should definitely make sure to catch one of their shows (11:45am, 12:15pm, 1:45pm, 3:15pm & 5:00pm) on the Crown Stage during the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

Wine makes everything more romantic! Menage a Trois Wine Bar offers music and entertainment for your enjoyment while sipping on exclusive wines. Take a step into wine country at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and enjoy this secluded spot with your significant other!

Beefcake & Olive are street performers who love interacting with other couples at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. When Beefcake and Olive got married, they vowed to always be honest with each other. Sometimes, they are very honest with each other at the top of their lungs. They love to banter, barter, bicker, bother, and boast. They offer relationship advice, argument settling, and the game Bigger Better!

Do you need more fun couples photos to show off to your friends and family? The Throne of Swords is an ideal place to take fierce pictures together and prove that you’re the strongest duo in the Realm!

The Naughty Bawdy Brigade is a musical group at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival that uses plenty of titillating lyrics to keep their audience entertained. They offer songs, jokes, limericks, and a whole lot of double entendre that will keep you laughing and blushing with your date throughout their performance!

Fun Foods to Share (numbers listed next to them are the sections of the Festival in which they are located):

  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries 1, 4
  • Shrimp & Chips 1, 3
  • Cream Cheese Wontons 7
  • Turkey Leg 1, 2, 5, 8
  • Frozen Grapes 3, 5
  • Loaded tots 3
  • Funnel Cake, 7
  • Rosemary Garlic Fries 7
  • Popovers 7, 8
  • Street Tacos 3

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival warmly welcomes all couples who are looking for an endlessly entertaining romantic outing! We hope this has given you some fun ideas for future dates at the Festival!