Minnesota Renaissance Festival Blog

Featured Artisan – Tress Empress

/tres/ noun : a long lock of woman’s hair
/’emprəs/ noun : sovereign ruler of great power and rank


Stacy Sandvik has been attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival since she was a little girl. When she was 16 she joined the Renaissance Festival and began working in the St. Johns Bread booth.

Before becoming a member of the Renaissance Festival, Stacy graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Art and pursued her dream of working with hair as her medium. Following graduation she joined Aveda and has been a hair stylist for the past 20 years. Stacy has always worked in alternative hair salons that work with dreads, braids, hair extensions and fun, energetic colors.

She found her perfect match at Hair Police in Minneapolis where she’s been working for the past 10 years. During the Festival’s off season she sells and installs her dreads at her salon where she specializes in crocheted dreads and adding human and wool dreads and extenders. If you’re interested in working with Stacy she can create custom orders, full heads of natural dreads, colors and cuts. However, every other month Stacy does travel out to San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado for work so if you’re lucky she’ll be in the state at the time you want to get your hair done.

Creating dreads has become a meditative process for Stacy, where she can create beautiful color combinations. Each dread can be created specifically for her client by adding personal details with sparkles, wraps and charms. This is her favorite part of making her dreads. She states that she loves fun hair and her dreads are “a super easy way to add the fun without it being permanent”.

This past Festival Season was Stacy’s third time selling at the Renaissance Festival but first time owning her own permanent booth. After going to the Festival with her friend for a couple years, he managed to convince her how cool it would be to set up shop at the Renaissance. Initially Stacy brushed it off thinking it would be impossible to get a booth space but with careful consideration and thinking about it over the next few months she finally applied and took the chance.

Stacy will be returning in the 2018 Renaissance Festival Season in Booth 331. If you simply cannot wait until August to receive your dreads you can call Stacy and set up an appointment.