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Featured Entertainers – Black Isle Belly Dancers

The Black Isles Belly Dance group was formed through a mutual longing to combine different styles of dance; such as tribal elements, earthy movements, and ethnic choreography. Alana, Lyra and Lindsey are the main dancers and they all bring different experiences and styles to the group. Alana has been belly dancing for nine years and trained in the more traditional Cassandra School. Lyra started with Ballet and has been doing Tribal Fusion for 6-7 years. Lindsey taught herself how to belly dance and has been doing it for 9-10 years.

There are several instruments used to create the unique music the ladies dance to. The oud, melodica, drum, guitar, violin, and tambourine are combined to feature a darker, slower and more groovy sound that allows for more muscle based movements.

The Black Isles Belly Dancers use Tribal Fusion to branch off traditional belly dance and infuse more yoga and snake-like movements into their dancing. Flamenco posture, Middle Eastern techniques, and elements from Indian dance are all influential factors on their style. Though Tribal Fusion is a modern dance, the feeling is ancient and connected, with its vibrant costuming, music, use of zils (finger cymbals), movements and interaction between the tribe of dancers. The Black Isles Belly Dancers sometimes use props, such as vases that they balance on their heads, veils that help them achieve the Cabaret style of dance, and there’s even one group piece where everyone drums and dances!

The Black Isles Belly Dancers enjoy performing at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival because they’re able to bring a new dynamic of music and dance to the show. They perform on the Gypsy Stage throughout the day and have a collaborative act with Fandazzi Fire Circus.

Black Isles Belly Dance is a tribal fusion based performance group, complete with live music! See elements from all over the East in this excitingly unique blend of entrancing performances!

Feel free to check out their website and Facebook page until you can see them at the Festival!