Minnesota Renaissance Festival Blog

Top 10 Kid Friendly Activities to Experience at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Channel your inner prince or princess and join the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in a number of family friendly activities! With so much to do, take a look at the top 10 kid friendly activities at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival…

1. Grand March Parade: Join us in celebrating the Royal Court, and other festival entertainers! You will have the chance to see the King and Queen, the Royal Guard, the Baron and Baroness of Worcester, the Princess Court and many more. One of the greatest ways to dive into the Renaissance spirit is to observe all that we have to offer in this entertaining march held daily at 11:30 am starting in the Folkstone Well.

2. Fairy Wing Forest: Join the fairies of the kingdom in our enchanted forest! Here, you can make fairy wands, meet your favorite pixies, fairies, and other extraordinary creatures, and deepen your sense of wonder. These fascinating gardens are located in Treetop Round and are a must see for any family who appreciates the delightful magic of fairies! Open daily from 10am-6pm.

3. Wizard’s Flight School Zip Line: Wizard’s take flight! Learn to fly and soar over the heads of your friends and family while taking in sights of the historical realm. Located on Shepherd’s Green.

4. Magic the Live Unicorn: Come be friends with the majestic unicorn, Magic! Keep your eyes peeled to spot the magical pal wandering through the Festival or at the Petting Zoo bringing joy to all. Magic loves meeting new people and posing for photo ops so don’t be afraid to go up and say hello!

5. Mermaid Cove: Mermaids are more than just a myth at the Renaissance Festival. The cove is filled with these creatures that dive, twirl and swim entertaining guests of all ages. It is rumored that if you’re lucky enough the mermaids may even share a piece of their magic with you! Located by Queen’s Pub and Fairy Wing Forest, you won’t want to miss this enchanting experience.

Photo by Scot Moncur

6. Kids Craft Corner: Get your craft on! Pirate Hat making, coloring and fairy wand fashioning for all pint-sized guests!

7. Cock-A-Doodle-Zoo: For all the animal lovers out there, come hug a kangaroo, pet an African Porcupine or hand feed a grape to a Ringtail Lemur! Kangaroos, Porcupines & Lemurs, HUZZAH! For those who are more daring, slither your way over to our reptile petting zoo that features, snakes, turtles, alligators and more! All petting zoo animals are located in Shepherd’s Green.

8. Meet the Princess Court: Join the Princess Court in the newly redesigned Palace Gardens! All girls and boys are welcome on a magical adventure! Gaze upon the lovely jewels of the Princesses, play games in the shade of their favorite trees, dress up as a Princess or Knight with fantasy clothing, or listen to the stories in the new Fairytale Story Corner, open 10am-6pm daily.

9. Games and Rides: Do you enjoy a good challenge? Take on Renaissance themed games at the Fencing Booth and Jacob’s ladder. You can also play darts, dueling buckets and scale our climbing wall. We also have pony rides, a pirate ship ride, and a swan swing. Activities can be found in Shepard’s Green, the Marketplace, Cartwheel Cove, and other places around the festival grounds.

10. Kid Friendly Entertainers: Come see Robin Hood, Fandazzi Fire Circus, Tuey the Juggler, and the Danger Committee perform shows and tricks that are specifically aimed at entertaining families, and guests of all ages.

* Robin Hood: Sherwood Stage @ 10:00am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm

* Fandizzi Fire Circus: Sherwood Stage @ 10:30am, 11:30am, 2:00pm, 3:30pm, & 4:30pm

* Tuey the Juggler: Grove Stage @ 11:30am, 12:45pm, 2:00pm, 3:00pm & 4:00pm

* Danger Committee: Bakery Stage @ 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm & 5:30pm