Fundraise at the Festival

The fundraising excitement continues to grow at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival! The festival has four methods to help your organization raise funds.


Food 4 Funds Fundraiser

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival offers an exciting fundraising program involving over 100 different food & beverage booths ranging from a two person to a ten person booth depending on your fundraising goals. Last year over $550,000 was earned by organizations participating in the Food 4 Funds fundraising program. Individual organizations fund raised between $1,000 and $15,000!

The Food 4 Funds fundraiser involves running one or several Food and/or Beverage booths at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival for all 16 days of the festival. Your organization could earn its entire year’s fundraising goal in just 7 weekends. Groups earn a percentage of the booth(s) revenue. The earning potential is unlimited, not to mention the teamwork and fun your organization will experience.

Foods 4 Funds Day

Participants of the Concessions Fundraiser Receive:

  • Cooking Area
  • Training
  • Area Support
  • Costumes
  • Booths
  • Food Supplies
  • Recipes
  • Equipment

Fundraising Organization Must Provide:

  • 16 Day Commitment
  • Organization
  • Enthusiasm
  • Accountability
  • Staffing of Booth(s)

Download the Application (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)

Bags 4 Bucks Fundraiser

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival has an exciting new fundraising opportunity available to Volunteer organizations to pick up garbage and recycling from the festival grounds and receptacles to dumpsters and compactors. Earning potential can be anywhere from $750-$1200 in just one day!

Download the Application  (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)

Cars 4 Cash Fundraiser

Ready, set, park! This fast paced fundraising opportunity will leave your organization(s) pocket filled. During the Festival days we will need volunteers to direct and park vehicles. After just one weekend’s worth of work your group can earn anywhere from $2880 – $4320. Work one weekend or seven. It is up to you!

Download the Application  (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)

1 Day King’s Crew

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is proud to offer Minnesota Charities and other Volunteer Organizations opportunities to generate revenue through performing tasks as needed by the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. The tasks may include directing cars, picking up trash and recycling, and/or working at a concession stand. The 1 Day Concessions Fundraiser can be a perfect fit for groups with limited availability!

Download the Application (PDF format – You will need Adobe Acrobat to read it)


Tickets 4 Treasure Fundraiser

Attending the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has never been more popular and Volunteer Organizations are invited to take advantage of the significant demand for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to benefit your cause! Your organization has the opportunity to fundraise through ticket sales to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Your group can purchase tickets at a great discount and re-sell them to help raise funds for your organization. The potential is unlimited! Download the Application and Email today for more information!


For more information about fundraising opportunities contact: