September 28th & 29th, 2019

Events: September 28 & 29 – Oktoberfest

Beard Competition

Patrons proud of their finely trimmed and manicured beards can enter! The most appealing beards will win prizes in the categories of Longest Beard, Grizzliest (Fullest) Beard, Most Unique Beard, Best Mustache, and Best Trimmed Beard. The competition will take place at the Special Events Stage at 3pm.

Lederhosen & Dirndl Costume Contest

Fasten your beer helmet, lace up your dirndl, and adjust your lederhosen! Now that you’re ready for Oktoberfest, head over to the Special Events Stage at 10am for our costume contest. Best costume will win prizes!

Dachshund Races

Come one, come all to watch these little pups prance! Tiny Dachshunds will test their speed against other pups and win prizes from Long Dog Apparel! This is the most fun you can have on four legs. Races will be held at the Joust Track at 2pm. 

Download Dachshund Registration Form Here

Bier Pong 

Grab a beer and a partner to play Bier Pong and win prizes at Shepherd’s Green Field at 2:30pm. Come and play! 

Sauerkraut Eating Contest

All patrons fit for the challenge can fill their bellies with a German favorite at this competition! Bring your appetite to the Special Events Stage at 12:00pm to compete and win prizes. 

Stein Holding Contest

Hold your stein for as long as you can! Steins will be filled with water and contestants must hold the stein with their arm fully extended perpendicular to the body. Come to Shepherd’s Green at 1:30pm to participate. 


Patrons can battle one another by using a wedge-shaped hammer to hit a nail into a tree stump. Come to Shepherd’s Green at 3:30pm to participate and win prizes!

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Tastings: September 28 & 29 – Oktoberfest

  • Schell’s – Time: 12, 2 & 4 PM; Location: Pavilion
  • Truly – Time: 1-4 PM; Location: Shepherds Green Field

Check out the Bavarian Village vendors during Oktoberfest ONLY!


Are you interested in being a vendor on this weekend? Download the form below! 

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